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5 Myths about Weight Loss

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5 Myths about Weight Loss

Ava Morris March 30, 2018

Obesity and attempts to lose weight are now among the most popular everyday health topics. It’s not just women but also men who worry about it, as many of them want to lose their extra weight too. It’s a serious problem, as more than 60 percent (!) of all men and women on earth are now carrying too much extra weight.

People who want to lose weight must not be less than this amount too. The difficulty is that although many people want to have a normal bodyweight index, far from all of them lead a healthy lifestyle.

Their attempts to lose weight often come to nothing, because they believe widespread baseless myths about weight loss. Today we’ll consider some of the common myths that make losing weight almost impossible.

1. Starvation

There are a lot of popular diets today proclaiming that starvation is a good way to lose weight (i.e. consuming under 500 kcals per day). Mono-diets take particular place among these. Their essence boils down to the fact that you only have to consume a single product for an extended period of time – for instance, only buckwheat without salt or only bitter chocolate for two whole weeks.

These diets are indeed effective as you will lose weight very quickly… for a while. But all inventors of such diets keep silent about the flipside of the coin: bad skin, hair loss, thin nails and low blood pressure, a constant feeling of hunger and more. As a result, you’ll very likely gain extra weight again as soon as the diet is over and the process will have damaged your health.

2. Extreme Physical Training

Extreme physical training isn’t always healthy. Why? Firstly, because it can be dangerous to put your body under such intense stress.

The man is running down the stairsIf you haven’t had a big physical training session for a long time, your ligaments, muscles, and joints will come under heavy stress and there’s a high chance you’ll injure yourself. Moreover, you won’t lose weight when you’re injured.

Recent studies have shown that more calories are spent if a human being is engaged in short but intense physical training. One training session lasting one hour a day will likely expend less energy than one having 10-minute sessions 6 times a day. The total time is the same but the results are different. This is because it’s much harder to maintain the same tempo for one hour than it is for 10 minutes every two hours.

3. Saunas

It’s widely known that going to the sauna can help you maintain a healthy way of life. Steam can help “dissolves” fat tissues, extracting extra weight and increasing the pace of losing weight.

It is indeed healthy to go for a steam sauna: all toxins are excreted from the body along with excess water, the cardiovascular system strengthens, and an overall cleansing of the body occurs.

However, going to the sauna too frequently can place serious, near-physical loads on the body. That’s why most specialists recommend not going more than once a week. If you visit a sauna more often than that, you will likely have heart problems, headaches, fatigue, and higher potential for chronic diseases including heart attack. That is why the main principle when going to the sauna is moderation.

4. Weight Loss Pills

You’ve probably heard it from mass media hundreds of times. The simplest tablets designed to for weight loss have diuretics and laxatives in their content. The more dangerous of them contain powerful medicines that can negatively affect the body. The consequences may differ and are highly unpredictable — from impaired mental state to internal organ failure. In any case, a pill or a mixture promoting weight loss is processed through your internal organs, affecting every cell.

It’s not a healthy way to lose weight. For instance, the very popular Hydroxycut 24 pills are already banned in the US. There were cases of heart attacks, impairment of the cardiovascular system, kidney failure, renal failure, and even death. Instead of loading your body with dubious pills, it’s better to stick to what is safe and effective. These are, in addition to a balanced diet and sports, non-traditional measures such as acupuncture, yoga, plasters, herbal medicine, Shiatsu massage, Tai Chi gymnastics, and many more. These methods are not only safe but will also strengthen your health. It’s virtually impossible to conduct a healthy lifestyle with pills contributing to your weight loss.

5. Fruit and Vegetable Diets

Fruit and vegetables are of high importance to the human body, for sure. But fruit and vegetable diets for losing weight can have negative long-term consequences. Fruits and veggies don’t have much protein and are lacking some vitamins. The human body hasn’t evolved to digest only vegetative foods and that’s why it starves.