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Coffee every day: you can and you should


Coffee every day: you can and you should

Ava Morris November 20, 2018

Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all!

Davyd Lynch who is mostly known as a co-creator of a TV series Twin Peaks and a detective drama Inland Empire said these legendary words. He probably did not know that scientists would agree with him and explain it from the scientific point of view. JAMA Internal Medicine recently published sensational news: coffee lovers have a better chance to live for 10 years more than those who do not drink coffee every day.

And this is not a pure allegation. Before publishing the news, American oncologists conducted a large-scale analysis. The participants of the genetic research were given statistical data from the UK Biobank. Nearly 1 million volunteering British people took part in the Biobank study. For twenty years, each of them was examined, had certain medical tests and filled a survey describing his or her habits, lifestyle and other factors concerning health.

The authors of the UK Bank were not opposed to the use in the American research the surveys by those British people who drank coffee every day. The Americans analyzed qualitative and quantitative factors, took into account which type of coffee the respondents preferred (ground or instant) and monitored the changes in the body for 10 years.

Within those 10 years, 14.225 respondents died and most of them did not drink coffee. It allowed the scientists to claim that there is a direct association with coffee and longevity.

Interestingly, even those who drank instant coffee or popular decaffeinated coffee lived longer. People who consumed too much coffee had a longer life as well. As the research showed, 8 cups of coffee is better than no coffee at all.

Scientists cannot explain why exactly it happens but it is already clear that the effect of coffee is multi-factored. It is not a secret that this beverage has a great impact on our health. Here are only a few facts to prove it.

  • Coffee (even decaffeinated) is the richest source of antioxidants. They prevent damages and premature aging of the cells and fight free radicals.
  • This energy drink prevents inflammations.
  • Coffee lovers can be rarely seen in an endocrinologist office as coffee reduces the risk of developing diabetes type 2.
  • Fragrant coffee beans may protect from hepatic cirrhosis and other liver disorders.

It is evident that every person should drink coffee. Good news for all coffee lovers is that coffee is essential in any healthy diet and this fact is becoming more widely and generally accepted.

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