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Female orgasm – when it is the biggest

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Female orgasm – when it is the biggest

Ava Morris November 6, 2018

The main rule: no rush.

It is generally believed that youth is the hottest time for sexual activity. We see love and passion in movies and serials. However, the scientists conducted a number of studies, surveys, and interviews and proved that in reality, everything is vice versa.

Pleasure comes with experience

A trendy American magazine Health published the article which said that women enjoy sex the most at a mature age. Natural Cycles app is an effective and natural method to learn your cycle and identify your ovulation. Using this app, scientists interviewed 2.600 women in all age groups. The questions were the following:

  1. Are you satisfied with your sex life?
  2. Do you find yourself attractive?
  3. How do you find the quality and quantity of your orgasms?

The respondents had three choices: low, average and high.

Women were divided into age groups: under 23, 24-36 and 36 and over. The answers were analyzed by groups taking into account the age of the respondents.

The scientists expected that younger women would have the highest score. However, the results surprised everyone: women in the first group more often chose the answers “low” and “average”. In the second group, the predominant answer was “average” and women in the third group answered “high” more frequently.

Conclusion: women have an incredible orgasm when they reach 36 years old.

Life begins at 65!..

The Huffington Post recently published interesting facts based on the survey they conducted. They interviewed 5.000 American women in all age groups and many of them confirmed that they experienced their best orgasm at 65. Men experience the best orgasm at 64.

Health and The Huffington Post asked psychologists to comment on this phenomenon. The specialists explained everything in detail.

An orgasm depends on psychological factors rather than on hormones and physiology. Young women worry too much about their appearance, personal issues, they are overwhelmed with home routine and are not able to relax and enjoy sex.

When a woman gets older, she has already built a career, has a social status, gained life and sexual experience. This helps her to better understand her desires, feelings, she is able to relax and enjoy life and sex.

What factors make sex at a mature age better

  1. Healthy selfishness is beneficial for your body. It means that you take care of yourself first and not about your partner.
  2. People at a mature age know that orgasms are possible without penetration and they can reach an orgasm during foreplay and caressing.
  3. Seniors have a vast life experience. They know their partner well and are aware of his or her preferences and fantasies. They are open to sexual games and experiments. Sexual freedom helps them to have better and fuller orgasms.

A good orgasm is not associated with age. What is really important is confidence and happiness about your body. The major factor, of course, is a loving and caring partner who can read a woman like an open book and satisfy her desires.