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Impressive Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes


Impressive Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes

Ava Morris June 27, 2019

8 Reasons To Incorporate Sweet Potatoes To Your Diet

The flavor of sweet potatoes is similar to regular potatoes, that is why these two vegetables share a common name. The difference is that sweet potatoes have earned a better reputation than regular potatoes. You can eat sweet potatoes without worrying about calories.

Sweet potatoes are cultivated in countries where the sun is shining most of the days for example, in India, PRC, and Indonesia. This vegetable absorbs the sunlight and this is why it so sweet and bright. It contains almost everything we need to stay healthy – protein, carotene, calcium, iron, and many vitamins. Below is the list of sweet potatoes benefits. You will see for yourself that it is a great ingredient for your fitness diet and a good substitute for some medicines.

1. Improves metabolism

Who has not dreamed of finding food both healthy and tasty? Sweet potatoes are here for you. Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber consequently, we feel full quicker but we do not overeat. 

2. Makes skin healthier

Vitamin A helps is responsible for how young our skin looks. It improves skin cells restoration and regeneration. Vitamin C that is also found in sweet potatoes promotes collagen production to maintain skin elasticity. Proper collagen production is essential not only for healthy and young skin but also for metabolism.

3. Helps women with hormonal imbalance

Sweet potatoes are a great source of substances similar to hormones found in the woman’s body. This vegetable contains phytoestrogens, plant-derived compounds that help to balance hormones naturally. Doctors recommend incorporating sweet potatoes to a diet for women during menopause.

4. Does not increase blood sugar

While sweet potatoes are sweet, they are not contraindicated for diabetics as this vegetable has a low glycemic index.

5. A good antidepressant

Sweets make our mood better. When we eat something sweet, we may forget about our problems and look at the world from a more positive point of view. Thanks to its sweet flavor, you may use sweet potatoes in desserts. More importantly, it helps to replenish potassium levels in your body. Potassium deficiency is commonly linked to stress and anxiety. So if you feel on the verge of depression, include some sweet potatoes into your diet; this vegetable is a good antidepressant.  

6. Boosts your energy

Sweet potatoes load our body with useful vitamins such as iron, for example. Iron is essential for energy production, better metabolism and for maintaining all body organs’ functions.

7. Prevents arthritis

Sweet potatoes are the best food for people suffering from arthritis. It contains beta-cryptoxanthin which may reduce the risk of arthritis. 

8. Lowers blood pressure and the level of cholesterol

Fiber and B Vitamins reduce cholesterol, make the vessel walls stronger and regulate blood pressure. Sweet potatoes are a natural antioxidant as they are rich in Vitamin C. This vegetable also eliminates toxins and regulates water balance in your body.


  • Women during pregnancy and lactation
  • People with gastritis and ulcers
  • Individual intolerance

How to choose and store sweet potatoes

If you decided to give sweet potatoes a try, there are three main rules:

1. Choose firm sweet potatoes even in color.

2. Avoid sweet potatoes with the signs of decay. The skin should be firm and smooth.

3. Store sweet potatoes at room temperature, in a dry place. It is a good idea to store it in a box or a basket.

Sweet potatoes are used in cuisines of different cultures. This vegetable is used for making such desserts as pastille, souffle, sweet chips. Sweet potatoes are added into salads, cereals, and soups. Only your imagination can stop you from creating a dish with sweet potatoes. But you can be sure that any dish with sweet potatoes will be inevitable delicious.