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Men Use Hair Loss Drugs Despite Erectile Dysfunction

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Men Use Hair Loss Drugs Despite Erectile Dysfunction

Ava Morris August 4, 2019

Argentinian scientists conducted a study and found that the most common drugs for hair loss have such an adverse effect as erectile dysfunction. However, despite this fact, men do not want to discontinue their hair loss treatment. 

Specialists from hospital Aleman in Buenos Aires conducted several studies and analyzed the effect of using Finasteride, a medication to manage hormone-related alopecia. 50% of men aged 50 plus suffer this condition.

Originally, Finasteride was developed to treat adenoma prostate as it inhibits 5 alpha reductase type II converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Its excessive concentration causes hair loss at the top of the head.

3.927 men took part in 12 studies, the results confirmed the efficacy of Finasteride for hair loss. Patients who had been taking this medication for 2 years reported better hair growth by 30%. But one in 80 men taking Finasteride had erectile dysfunction.

The author of the study Jose Manuel Mella was surprised by the fact that despite erectile dysfunction, many men refused to discontinue their hair loss treatment.