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Optimists Have Healthier Hearts

General health

Optimists Have Healthier Hearts

Ava Morris May 10, 2019

Recent studies have found relations between the attitude to life and health.

Studies showed that optimists twice as likely have better health than pessimists. Happy people have better health and well-being by 55% more often. These results were based on the observation of 5.100 volunteers over the course of 11 years. The age of the volunteers varied from 45 to 84 years old.

Tests and surveys were intended to measure the level of optimism, mental and physical health, bad habits, the level of physical activity.

The body mass index, blood pressure, glucose level, and cholesterol were also measured.

Among the optimists were more people who regularly did physical exercises and who did not smoke. Glucose and cholesterol levels were also lower among the optimists.

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