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Sex after 40: everything you want to know


Sex after 40: everything you want to know

Ava Morris November 2, 2018

Surprisingly but women say that they enjoy sex the most only at a mature age.

  1. Seniors don’t have less sex.

The results of the studies showed that one-third of the American population over 70 still have frequent sex. A study of people 40 years old found that 70% of women and 74% of men have regular sex.

In Russia, studies of sexual relations are in very much the early stages and we don’t have any data about the sex life of seniors. The only study of sexual behavior shows that one-third of people of 65-67 years old have sex and it remains a nice bonus to their relationships virtually for the rest of their life. A sexual crisis occurs at 67 years old when sexual activity decreases by 16%.

Only 6% of Russian people are sexually active at 70 years old and at 80 people don’t have sex. A scientist and the author of many papers about sex D. Rogozin provides some examples: “An old lady is smiling at me coquettishly and says that at 50 she had a really good sex and reached an orgasm”. Another example: “A man at 86 years old had sex with his wife until he was 70. When his wife died, he seduced her friend”.

  1. Safety is a priority.

People of all ages are vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections. At 40 and over 60 people have a risk exposure to sexually transmitted diseases.

Statistically, half of the Americans with HIV are over 50 years old but they have an active lifestyle. Well, we can only praise the quality of medical care in the USA.

In Russia, the majority of HIV-positive people aren’t even 40 years old yet.

At any age, never forget about your safety (use preservatives) and think about your health first when you start relationships with a new partner. Regularly get a blood test to timely detect sexually transmitted infections and remember to visit your doctor.

  1. Masturbation

The studies show that many (60%) American women from 16 years old and to 59 frequently masturbate. At 70, women may also masturbate but the number is reduced by 30%.

70% of mean masturbate until they reach 69 years old and 46% masturbate when they are over 70. We don’t have any such data for Russian people.

Surveys concerning male and female masturbation were conducted in many countries. The scientists came to conclusion that almost every person masturbates (9 out of 10 people) and there is nothing wrong with it. People masturbate almost all their life and while people younger than 30 do it virtually every day, by 60 years old it happens not so frequently and gradually people stop masturbating.

  1. Challenges of sex

Seniors face difficulties with having sex and it’s normal. Evolutionary, women experience menopause after 40. About two centuries before, women at this age were considered almost ancient (what sex are you talking about!). Science, technology and medicine advances doubled our life expectancy. So our actual life begins at 40 and sex gives us new impressions.

What women should know

When a woman reaches 40-50 years old, her body undergoes significant changes and the level of estrogen dramatically decreases. Her periods become irregular and light, the vagina becomes narrower and the vaginal walls become thinner. Many women avoid sex because of the pain caused by a decreased ability to lubricate. Special vaginal creams and moisturizers can help to solve this problem.

When a woman takes hormones to manage her menopause, she may experience high sexual desire.

Do not be embarrassed to share with your doctor everything that bothers you to get the help you need.

What men should know

At the age of 40-50, men face issues with erection. Erotic magazines and the appearance of the partner is not enough to get ready for sex. Women should make a physical contact and gently touch and caress the genitals.

A journalist M. Kaslman who has been studying sexual issues for several years claims that erection at 40 may be shorter than before. Kaslman calls it middle age erection dissatisfaction.

If this problem bothers you, visit a doctor. Don’t rush to a drugstore to buy Viagra or similar medications. Often the cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological.

  1. Good quality sex

Many women at a mature age enjoy sex more than younger women. Here is what women say about sex:

  • “Men my age are less selfish, they do their best to give me pleasure and only then, they think about themselves. This all comes with life experience”.
  • “I’m confident about my body and I know what I want. I can say openly to my partner what I enjoy the best”.
  • “I never thought before that being confident in myself and my body can give me so much pleasure from sex”.
  • “I changed my attitudes. Now I don’t fear to ask my partner to try something new. At 50, I’m not embarrassed to talk about sex”.
  • “I and my husband are over 50. Children have grown up and we don’t bother about pregnancy. We do what we want and don’t care that somebody can hear us. We just enjoy sex”.

Kaslman believes that while women’s painful sensations and men’s erectile dysfunction can be obstacles for sex, they can also improve sexual life. How? These problems make people try something new and experiment. They can do what they’ve always dreamed about.

Conclusion: don’t give up on sex, just make it different.

The proponents of “proper” sex believe that when sexual problems occur, it’s reasonable to give up on it. This is so wrong! Sex at a mature age is an opportunity for the partners to know each other better. Do not be embarrassed, try something new such as using sex toys or playing role games. Oral sex becomes a pleasure for both partners.

  1. Orgasm without erection is possible

Men can experience orgasm without an erection. Caressing, a caring and initiative partner and a man will experience an incredible orgasm.

  1. Cardiovascular diseases are an obstacle for sex

Heart and artery disorders can impact the sexual activity. Prelude to sexual response should be longer for women and men may have difficulties in maintaining erection.

At 40 you may think that nothing of that will happen to you but it is inevitable. To avoid such problems, regularly visit a doctor, follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly and your sexual life will be amazing well into your 60s and 70s.

Numerous studies confirm the fact that women experience true orgasms only after they are 36 years old. There is also evidence that women over 60 have the best orgasms unlike women at 24. It is not about the physiology. Mature women have life and sexual experience and they are not ashamed to offer their partner to try new sex positions. Men are open to critics and willing to give pleasure to the woman. Sexual partners know each other better and are not afraid to experiment.

Why wait to understand the main thing?

As nature intended, people after 40 should not have sex. But today we see that people at 40 feel free and open to games and experiments. Is it really worth it to lose our best years?

Do not give up on sex at a mature age, believe you will have a great experience: the partners make great sex themselves. If you are still young, make your sex life good right now!