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Sex in water: everything you want to know

Men's health

Sex in water: everything you want to know

Ava Morris December 5, 2018

Interior designers and melodrama producers love the episodes of a romantic night when a couple is lying in a bathtub with roses petals and the candles all around them. Let’s bust another beautiful myth.

This article is especially helpful for women who are planning to spend an unforgettable romantic night in jacuzzi. Thin about the consequences and read why roses and candles will better suit a bedroom.

  1. Vaginal mucosa.

In a female body, vaginal mucosa is a barrier protecting it from bacteria and microtraumas. Hot water damages this barrier causing irritation, itching, and infections.

  1. Discomfort during sex.

When you have sex in water, a protective lubrication in the vagina is washed away. A woman may have not very pleasant and sometimes painful sensations. You want to use special moisturizing creams and lubricants. Here’s another problem: due to water chemistry, all these lubricants lose their effectiveness and your discomfort becomes even greater.

  1. Venereal diseases

Many people think that water protects them from venereal diseases. Let’s clear it out: water chemistry impedes vaginal lubrication and small cuts may appear during the penetration. Bacteria and microbes may permeate through these cuts increasing the risk to get infected with HIV or sexually transmitted diseases. The solution is to use preservatives.

  1. Vaginal infection

They add chlorine to disinfect water and water becomes an aggressive environment impacting the vaginal pH. It may cause the development of a thrush and many bacterial infections. If you are prone to Candidiasis, sex in water (either a bathtub or a pool) is not for you.

  1. Rash and itching

Sex in water can lead to hot tub folliculitis caused by the strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. If you noticed rash, genital bumps and itching – this is hot tub folliculitis. But do not worry, this condition disappears in a week unless, of course, you decide to keep on entertaining in water. In this case, you may have itchy skin for a month.

  1. Unwanted pregnancy

It is a myth that sex in water cannot cause pregnancy. This is wrong. It is true that the sperm coagulates in water but nothing prevents it from penetrating the vagina. If pregnancy is not in your plan, remember about birth control methods.

  1. Sex in a shower may be harmful

Shower as a place to have sex is also popular. And you may think that it is much safer than other water sexually based entertainments. But there is the other side of the story. In the shower, you have a greater risk to broke something in the heat of passion. Having sex in a shower, don’t forget about contraception and choose safe positions.

A romantic night, champagne and sex in a bathtub – every woman dreams of it. Or is it ads that impose all these images on us? Sex in hot water is non-hygienic, unsafe and may cause unwanted pregnancy. Think about it, remember about personal care, contraception and have sex as you enjoy it.

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