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Top 10 slow killers


Top 10 slow killers

Ava Morris August 29, 2018

One of the keys to a good health is a balanced diet. The food today does not replenish our energy but to gives a lot of poison to our body. As you can guess, today we are going to discuss processed food. Eating junk food, we become weaker. While a human body is surprisingly durable, eating processed food is not without negative consequences.

Each year, the number of people suffering from hypertension, cancer, depression, obesity, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and many other conditions caused by all the conveniences of modern life is rapidly growing.

Conclusion: healthy eating is a successful and reasonable investment in one’s healthy future.

What products you will want to cross off your grocery list or, at least, to cut them in your diet. Let’s start.

1. Soft drinks. These are our major enemies, whatever a smiling blonde is telling you in a TV ad. Soft drinks negatively affect all our organs and systems from skin to endocrine profile. Healthy drinks are fresh juices, good tea or homemade drinks with dried fruits. Of course, we can’t speak of any benefits from drinking bottled or packaged drinks. Remember that preservatives, colorings and sweeteners are not healthy at all.

2. Energy drinks. Study the ingredient list on energy drinks labels and you will find many “interesting” things: sugar and artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, preservatives, trans fats. Surely, they do boost your energy but they have adverse health effects.

3. Sugar. This sweet substance is not only bad for your shape and teeth. Excess of sugar has many negative health effects including the heart, endocrine system and many other organs and systems. If you are a sweet-tooth, substitute honey and fruits for sugar. Your body will tolerate these sweets much better than sugar.

4. Artificial sweeteners. They are not better than sugar but they have a benefit – fewer calories. However, don’t be misled because artificial sweeteners have a negative effect on all organs of our body. Besides, many sweeteners contain aspartame which is poisonous for people. Choose honey, maple syrup or agave syrup instead – your health is wealth!

5. Tomato sauce, ketchup. Can’ t imagine pasta or meat without ketchup? Too bad! Because it contains so much sugar that in combination with other high-calorie foods, ketchup becomes a ticking bomb for your shape. This is not to mention a risk of developing diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, tooth decay. Whenever possible, use fresh tomatoes and natural seasonings to spice up your dishes.

6. Packaged meat products. All manufacturers add food additives – from preservatives to nitrates, flavoring and coloring agents to their sausages and hams. These additives can cause many diseases. Children who have such foods in their diet, experience difficulties with studying and have behavior disorders. You can avoid these problems by buying fresh meat and cooking at home.

7. Oil. Oil is widely used for cooking, it’s undeniable. It’s a shame that many oils contain GMO and trans fats.  Thoroughly study the label before you buy oil and try to avoid refined oils. Cooking with oils causes free radicals to form which increases the risk of cancer and speed up biological old age. A healthy alternative to vegetable oils is olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut and avocado oil.

8. Ready-made salad dressings. They contain sugar, artificial colorings, corn syrup, flavoring agents. When you add such dressing to your salad, it becomes junk food just like hot dogs and chips. To get all the health benefits of vegetables and fruits, make your own dressings with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and natural vegetable oil.

9. Packaged juices. Juice ads are based on blatant lie when they make you believe that their juices are 100% natural and made with fruits, vegetables and berries. They may add fruits and vegetables to their juices but pasteurization kills all useful nutrients. To make juices look mouth-watering, manufacturers add coloring and flavoring agents, preservatives and sugar that make the drinks even more harmful to our health. If you like juices then grow your own fruits and vegetables and make juices yourself. This is the only useful alternative.

10. Alcohol. There are many articles online confirming that alcohol in moderate amounts is useful. Of course, we can mistake the wish for the reality but medical specialists share the same opinion: alcohol gives you nothing except cardiovascular disorders, liver disease, skin conditions, and depression. Alcohol also supply calories and dehydrate your body – the conclusion is evident. This is not the drink to prolong your life.